October Rewind

It’s that time to look back and see just how well I’ve done in the month of October. This month, I found that audiobooks are a new obsession in case the stats don’t tell you first. Click on any of the pics to check them out on Amazon! Must say, Illuminae was great and The Cogsmith’s Daughter was a refreshing treat. Can’t wait for both the sequels there. Additionally, A Time to Reap has a GIVEAWAY <– Click it! That being that, I’m participating in NaNoWriMo this month. Something needs to jumpstart my brain and what better than an event? I’ll be working on 1 of 3 titles, just depending what speaks to me most. Feel free to befriend me out there, I’ll be under Jonas Lee.

Behold, the stats:


  • Blog Posts – 4
  • Fiction Writing – 825 words (wah-wah)


  • Finished: 9
    •  by KT Webb
    •  by Andy Weir (Audiobook)
    •  by Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez (Audiobook)
    •  by Ransom Riggs (Audiobook)
    •  by Sun Tzu (Audiobook)
    • by BJ Sheldon
    • by Kate M. Colby
    •  by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff (Audiobook)
    • by Richard Matheson (Audiobook)


  • Reading: 3
    •  by Kelly Van Tull
    •  by Charlie N. Holmberg
    •  by Joe Hill (audiobook)



YouTube is in a timeout. Mainly, my Cross Country Nerd firend has had some complications with her computer and I’ve been investing that space into reading and such. I’m not certain the YouTube thing for CCN will return. Mainly, we are starting to contemplate a Podcast instead. Since programs run an hour, it’s a lot to think people will invest that much sit-down time. So, if/when that does happen, we’ll be kicking it off in 2016. We’ll still have our FB page and tweeting about Star Wars and anything else you can think up.

I’m still giving thought to doing an author YouTube. Interviews are in the same time constraints for viewing, so I’ll be working on a script to get something helpful out there.


A Time to Reap

Ratings – 75

Reviews – 57

Average – 4.11

A Time to Live

Ratings – 19

Reviews – 16

Average – 4.79 (-)


A Time to Reap

Reviews – 37

Average – 4.50

A Time to Live

Reviews – 14

Average – 5.0


WordPress – 257 (+)

Facebook – 254 (-)

Twitter – 175 (+)

Instagram – 107 (+)

YouTube – 29 (+)


… Well, got nothing for you at the moment that can be be discussed yet. Until next month, Happy NaNoWriMo everyone!!


On a side note, I’ve officially changed my domain. It is now http://www.JLFiction.com so please bookmark it and shoot me a message somewhere on social media. Everything is linked on this post. Come help my numbers grow this October!! I want to thank everyone and anyone who follows or interacts with me. It means a ton to have people out there enjoying what I do.


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