September Rewind

It’s that time to look back and see just how well I’ve done in the month of September. I did take part in the South Dakota Book Festival this last week, but I will have a separate post to go over what it was like my first time! Beyond that, I’ve been working on getting my third and final installment in the Carter Gabel series. I think my motivation for completing it has dwindled only because when it’s done, it’s doomed to sit for awhile. But, I’m also working on a secret project I’m sure people will be interested in seeing come to fruition.

Behold, the stats:


  • Blog Posts – 3
  • Fiction Writing – 2,025 words


    • Finished: 1
      • 26667469 by Nina Soden
    • Reading: 2
      • by BJ Sheldon
      •  by Kate M. Colby


Sadly nothing writing / author related…


Episode 4: Get Your Game On
Episode 5: Fall Line-up
Episode 6: Heroes
Episode 7: Everything Harry


A Time to Reap

      • Ratings – 74
      • Reviews – 56
      • Average – 4.11 (+)

A Time to Live

      • Ratings – 15
      • Reviews – 11
      • Average – 4.80


A Time to Reap

      • Reviews – 37
      • Average – 4.50

A Time to Live

      • Reviews – 12
      • Average – 5.0



October 7th – Cross Country Nerds “Arrow / Flash Talk”

October 14th – Cross Country Nerds “Zombies”

October 21st – Cross Country Nerds “Lord of the Rings”

October 28th – Cross Country Nerds “Halloween Episode”


On a side note, I’ve officially changed my domain. It is now so please bookmark it and shoot me a message somewhere on social media. Everything is linked on this post. Come help my numbers grow this October!! I want to thank everyone and anyone who follows or interacts with me. It means a ton to have people out there enjoying what I do.

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