The Person in the Author

I think if you were to go to a majority of my classmates, workmates and people I have met casually along the way, you’d have no real scope as to my personality. I’m not trying to be shy or pious in any way, it’s just who I am. It’s who a lot of us are, just staying in the background, observing the world. Some people are easy to open up to, they just have that ease to them.

Now, the best way people who don’t know me can start getting to know me is through my books. It’s not just a ploy to have you read them, but characters have to come from somewhere and as much imagination as I have, I tend to let my writing flow the best when I can let go and bring forth pieces of myself. Now, it’s not to say I am each and every one of my characters, but elements of them are inside of me. Whether in actuality or in hopes, it’s a tool helping me along the way.

With Carter, anyone who knows me will attest to the snarky attitude and the rather hasty rush into scenarios has me written all over it. Other elements of him are derived from people in my life, characteristics I wish I had and the basic interactions he has along the way with other people.

Upcoming books will have hints to other sides of my persona and give people a well rounded view of me in real life. That said, if I write a villain and they are guano crazy, do try not to take that as a reference to me… well mostly. We all go a little mad sometimes.

Think of the books you have read or written. Do you see a personality trait emerging? Who have you read enough of to say that you might know them to some extent?

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