Interview with Nina Soden

I was able to have my first returning interview last night! Now, this really is the first live interview we had, but I started my YouTube adventure with her as my guinea pig and somehow I was able to fool her again to coming back. The wonderful Nina Soden stopped by and we discussed her ever-growing collection of novels, the differences of paranormal vs supernatural and then I put her on the spot with a quick game of “name as many movies about…”

She’s a great person and as Indies, we should all try and check out what we’re capable of doing. Our community is large and strong, so let’s keep that mentality going. Check out her page and let her know that I sent you!

2 thoughts on “Interview with Nina Soden”

  1. Believe me… as soon as I figure out this whole youtube video interview google + hangout stuff – I will be interviewing you and getting you back for the “name as many movies about…” game. Other than that, and feeling like an idiot online, the interview was great and I look forward to more to come. Thanks for having me.

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    1. I think you handled it with poise and laughter. I’d have made it a super-sized episode if I could have. So please, have me on your channel at any time!


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