June Rewind

It’s that time to look back and see just how well I’ve done in the month of June. This was possibly my busiest month of the year to date just because of softball, vacation and non-writer work I’ve been consumed with. I am looking forward to July as far as my creative productivity goes but will miss my girls from softball after State Tournament is over next week. That aside, I issued an option for readers to take part in the last book of the Carter Gabel series. I’m looking for (9) beta readers to help in the fall to decide the outcome of the book and so far I have (5) of the spots filled. Please let me know if you want in on it!

Without further ado, the stats:


  • Blog Posts – 10
  • Fiction Writing – 3150 words


  • Finished:
    • by C.L. Coffey [only $.99]
    • by S.R. Carillo
    • by Nick Jones [free on Amazon]
  • Still Reading:
    • by John Ajvide Lindqvist
    • by James Schannep


Interview with Mariana Llanos


A Time to Reap

  • Ratings – 69
  • Reviews – 51
  • Average – 4.10

A Time to Live

  • Ratings – 15
  • Reviews – 11
  • Average – 4.80


A Time to Reap

  • Reviews – 35
  • Average – 4.50

A Time to Live

  • Reviews – 12
  • Average – 5.0



This Story Had Me Laughing Out Loud!” – Margaret Dowdy

It is really an impressive book, and it leaves you wanting and waiting for more.” – E.G. Gomez

…it was thrilling and you simply can’t put it down.” – Doms

What I really loved about the book was the authors understanding of characterisation” – Lizzy Baldwin

Writing was strong, pace was good, and the plot was complex and didn’t unravel quickly at all.” Cianna Reider from Nerd Girl Reviews


July 5th – Interview with Lizzy Baldwin

July 15th – Interview with Nina Soden

Awkward Author Debut

Backward Author Debut

On a side note, I’ve officially changed my domain. It is now http://www.JLFiction.com so please bookmark it and shoot me a message somewhere on social media. Everything is linked on this post. Come help my numbers grow in July!! I want to thank everyone and anyone who follows or interacts with me. It means a ton to have people out there enjoying what I do.

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