Allergic to E Challenge

So, this wonderful (former) friend of mine, Kate, decided to hit me up with a challenge. While this is perfect, because I had nothing planned for today, it also squeezed at my brain. The Allergic to E challenge pits a writer to construct a paragraph (4 to 6 sentences) without using the letter “E”. Sounds easy? Not for this cat. I gave it my best shot at making sense, you can read it below.

Now, the fun part… passing the torture onward.

Hit List:

THE Shannon

Zach Chop

Jackie S.


Lizzy from across the pond

My Attempt:

Alas, as I was diving into a thought, I lost my way. All along, my mind had a plan to finish a whimsical parody of words and actions. A wind winds its way up past my body and with it, my thoughts stop. A storm is coming and with it, rain. Rains that will wash away clouds in my imagination and allow my originality to dock again, thankfully, as if it was a long trip’s arrival back in town.

If anyone else feels like giving the challenge a go (or my nominees don’t feel like doing a full blog post), feel free to try posting your comments without using the letter E! Good luck!

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