Catch Your Breath

In the oncoming vacation train heading right for me, I keep thinking of posts to write and plan and etc… For myself, and I think a lot of bloggers, there comes a moment when I think I have absolutely nothing else to say or offer to the viewing masses.

Then, one thing I was discussing recently with a budding author friend of mine was the moment when your first book is getting ready to enter the touch-up stages. Editing is nearly done, all that’s left is cover art, formatting and release. We both agreed the feeling is like going under water and having to plan your breaths so you don’t choke. I can remember, it was a nerve-racking experience feeling that moment on the edge and realizing I should jump, I had to jump.

In retrospect, I learned a lot from my own mistakes. One of the most prominent is the feeling I wasn’t ready and time was slipping away. There is never a “right time” for that first step in anything we do. Think back to any number of first-time experiences and tell me you were perfectly prepared for what happened next.

As an author, you learn as you go, like most of life. Never be too afraid to fail. We all do it to some extent, just catch your breath and realize the first step is the hardest. Each step afterwards gets easier and there is a silent community of helpful people standing behind you ready to help as best as they can.

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