Putting it Out There

Good morning!

Now, for those of you that aren’t aware, I’m straying out into the YouTube world one toe at a time. I’ve only done author interviews up to this point, but I plan on putting out some additional content on a (hopeful) weekly basis. Go to the YouTube link below to learn more!

On a similar note, I have the wonderful Jacqueline E. Smith as my next interviewee. Now, for those of you tagging along with me on good ol’ Google+, I had to change her interview time to tonight. That’s TONIGHT and not Saturday. Why? Well, life happens and this is what works for us both. I hope if you have a spare couple of minutes you’ll come by and ask her a question or two. Join through the link HERE.

Now, feel free to watch or just listen. I promise I won’t make many funny faces that you’ll miss out on…

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