First Author Interview: Jonas Lee – A Time to Reap!

It was super fun answering some new questions for a great blogger & reviewer! Come check this lady out!

Crazy Cat Reads

I’m excited because I just did my first author interview this week! I was honored to be able to snag a bit of Jonas Lee’s time for a quick interview about his book (that I just finished by the way and you have to check it out) and a little bit about his writing influences and style. Check out the interview below. Also, come back here on Monday for my review of his first book in the Carter Gabel series, A Time to Reap!

10295559_649574735121694_7895307271206412336_oMeet Jonas Lee

1. Tell us a bit about yourself!

I’m your typical mid-western guy. I enjoy the outdoors and traveling to new places. I’m also a nerd at heart, I love movies, video games and graphic novels. When it comes to free time (whenever I can find it) I daze out and think up new and interesting stories that try to borderline the plausible and…

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