Travel and food, how I stayed on my game…

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Fitness From the Fluffy Seats

Well it’s another glorious day leading towards Spring! And I really can’t complain. This last week I traveled for work and fully knowing what was going to tempt me I made some plans to stay on track with my health and fitness. I booked hotels with gyms, I packed snacks and went to the grocery store when I checked in to my hotel, and I decided upon my return for good measure I would do a quick 3 day detox, or as it’s advertised 3 Day Refresh.

Travel went well as far as the work portion. Food was ok, I did have to visit restaurants (Darn it) and share in conversation with co-workers and friends (best part) but I made the decision to be the first to order as I am way to tempted by others decisions especially on delicious foods. I stayed fairly consistent until one night, in the hotel, I caved…

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