I have been lacking on it lately. Blogging and keeping up with everything in life is a constant. Any blogger can tell you that. It’s like exercising, the more diligent the routine, the easier results shall come. I need a fresh slap back into reality. I’ve been giving %5 to way too many things in my life at every given moment. I need to plan and attack so I can make sure everything in my life is getting the %105 (not %110) it needs.

So, on this short lunch break of mine, I have dedicated a small moment to keep you up on what I’m doing.

  • I’m finishing the framing of my next series. A short story was put up on my other site and thank you to the three people who voted for me. (3…smh, I have to get better at social media) Outside of the Forever City
  • Starting out on Carter Gabel’s end to his Legend. The third book has no release date yet, the bones of it will be done by summer and with any success on the first two, I hope the third can start making its way late fall?
    • Contemplating a box series set where I would redo some of the minor imperfections and add a novella from another character’s perspective
  • Trying to get better at Twitter #noob @AuthorJonasLee
  • Thinking of looking into a publisher for the next series
  • Coaching softball once again (Go Adrenaline!)

Beyond that, from now on –

Every day I’m hustling

– Rick Ross

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