A Time to Reap

Strong reviews are coming in. Go see what Cheyanne has to say about A Time to Reap!

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Back to the indie authors now, this time in the form of Jonas Lee, with his first novel in The Legend of Carter Gabel series, A Time to Reap.

This is the story of a teenager with the ability to time travel. Of him coming to terms with, and being able to control, his power. Whilst finding out a conspiracy at the heart of his world, naturally. This is pretty much an origin story, a very strong choice to start a series with.

A mix of mystery, drama and sci-fi (it has a very futuristic feel to it) you could go as far as to say that this isn’t just an origins story, but also a conspiracy story, what with the government trying to control the ‘freaks’ (kids with powers). There’s also no denying the very X-Men feel to this text.

The characters are very loveable and relatable, with the…

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