Flavor of Writing

I’m going to speak metaphorically here in terms of writing as it relates to food. In this post,writers are cooks, the food is our books and the readers are our dining guests.

As “chefs” we attempt to create an amalgamation of spices to hopefully combine them all to appease and nourish our audience. Nourish in terms of entertain, provoke thought, terrify, stupefy or marvel at the wonder of the dish they just completed.

I think we’ve all had our share of bad cooks that could burn water somehow as well as our favorite chefs that never let us down. We all have a pallet of our own, some dare to try new things whereas others have a strict diet. And let us not forget the comfort foods, oh those genres that satisfy us and make us feel like we’re wrapped under a thick blanket on a cold day.

I think both chefs and diners should try and keep a hopeful eye open to the possibilities of what might be appealing. Something may sound atrocious, but who knows, one day it might just be the thing you crave most. I had mentioned comfort foods before, so let’s try not to forget or overindulge on the desserts. You know the books that can be read in a day and what you actually take away from it is just a spatial lapse in time. Don’t get me wrong, we all need those little jump starts and treats before taking on the next great meal (mine is The Walking Dead graphic novels).

As a chef, I try to mix up my flavor of words and ideas into a story everyone can enjoy. Alas, there are always individuals who will hate your cooking or it’s just not appetizing to them. (Hopefully they finish the meal) That’s not a fault, it just happens. I’m sure they took away something from your words and imagination. Their feedback could also help you refine your craft enough on the next dish to make it even better.

And do keep trying new recipes as a chef and diner alike. No one steps into the kitchen knowing what every machine, utensil and combination of tastes can conjure up. I think at some point we all know when the cook has something good to offer, sometimes we just have to wait for the next time.

Stay hungry and keep creating!


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