I Have a Perfect Life

I have a perfect life. It might not be perfect for all, but for most.

We all have a perfect life, mostly. When you peel away the masks, the Facebook friends, the accolades. We surround ourselves with various friends showing us our many forms. We blend in, stand out and take note of those that make no sense to us. We have jobs, people we call friends and family. We find ways to entertain ourselves and to entertain others. We starve for nothing except the frail, limitless wonder of things we want.

During this time, we take note of the footprints we’ve left in the year and where our feet will take us the next. I like to think of what I will accomplish, what I want to change, the luck I hope to find and the happiness I expect by next year’s end.

Truthfully, that happiness is already here, always has been. It’s covered in dust from lack of notice and debris from the packaging of things I’ve bought. My family makes me one of the luckiest people on earth. My friends are a reflection, allowing me to see, time and again, the beauty I have in myself and those around me. Everything else is simple want. I write this today, not in complete harmony, but realization. I want to be a better father my daughter can look up to and answer any question wholeheartedly. To be a husband that can leave my wife wondering, “what else could I ask for?” In short, I want to take advantage of all that I have and all that I can be. Not because it’s New Year’s Eve, but because I should every day of every year.

I have a perfect life. I just need to learn to live my life perfectly.


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