Dreams of Yours & Others

Certain moments in my journey have actually made me pause. Some moments out of awe, some out of sheer idiocy, but the most recent was out of sincere respect.

A friend of mine and former co-worker happened to share a link on his social media the other day. At first, I was thankful for him passing it on to his other friends and family. Then… I read it. I’ve included the passage below.

Sometimes I don’t think that when we reach for our own dreams, we realize the gravity of how it makes other people’s seem possible. To Kent, thank you for your awesome words. It’s literally taken me days to think of how to have an adequate come back.

Please feel free to share, friends! 🙂

Need a new book to catch your eye and imagination? Wish to award the ambitious, those that work diligently and remain steadfast to achieving their dreams?

Jonas Lee is a friend and personal living hero who doesn’t give up at adversity. His continuous positive effort to become a published author gives me motivation to strive for my own personal success, to always push forward, and to present my best effort in all my work.

Jonas’ first self-published book has received awesome reviews! He is a great upcoming author who has invested time, money, sweat, emotion, and soul into writing to entertain and bring joy to others.

A Time to Reap is available on Amazon. You’ll be hooked and craving his second book!

Affordable entertainment and your purchase directly helps an upcoming author come closer to realizing his dream: to write and entertain full time. Every purchased book brings joy to his family and motivates him to continue. Indirectly every purchase is celebrated by his colleagues as it builds confidence in Jonas’ community that they too individually can realize their personal dreams.

Jonas Lee is beginning to save funding necessary to self-publish his second book. Help Jonas by purchasing his first book and leaving a review after you are finished reading. You’ll be hooked and posting on his Facebook page,(Jonas is a down to Earth author who cares about his readers and communicates directly with them on Facebook) eagerly awaiting upcoming works!


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