Iced Tiddly-Bits

Yup, junk punches take a while to overcome no matter how you ice them. This leads into our next lesson, preparations of bad news.

Our novels and collections of the written word are very much like our children. We care for them, nurture them and at times grow tired of their shit. But, we love them all in different ways and when someone attacks them, instinct has us ready to tear body parts off. Alas, that is both illegal and counter productive.

So, we must learn to turn a cold shoulder and nothing more to those not enjoying the company of our children. Also, the ones who do respond are far easier to take than those saying nothing at all.

In short, let your tiddly-bits become as hard as ice, so the next junk-puncher breaks a knuckle as you smile and ask if that’s all that they got. It will get better. You will get better and your work will have a following.

{The title is quite the double entendre, no?}


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