Junk Punches

Just like the title sounds, reviews focusing on the negative side of your novel tend to feel the same way. I have recently gotten one of my first. Now, if there had been a back and forth on the good and bad or something justifiable in the reasons why “I don’t believe many adults could enjoy this novel.” I can respect a 3-Star rating. My book won’t be for everyone, I get that. Some will hate it, others will love it.

This guy’s Goodreads review … I imagined him sitting in a high-back captain’s chair, leather patches on the elbows of his jacket and starting every sentence with, “Mmm, yes…” in a snobby English accent. Basically, this review/critique held a lot of adult words and childish rhetoric to make someone feel better (not me). As long as he feels special, that’s what matters.

Let this be a lesson though. It will never do any good to comment or defend your work to these people. They have their opinions just like everyone has their chocolate pockets and I’m not going to try and clean those up either.

Haters gonna hate. Big whoop. In publishing my own work, I know my faults, the things I’d like to change and the improvements I need to make. But hey, that’s what sequels are for, right?


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