What Are You Looking At?!

Who isn’t at least following this?!

Write Club Fight Club

Me? Oh, thank God. I was wondering if these posts were reaching anyone or not. Well, Write Club/Fight Club (#WCFC) is moving along quite well. We have had some additions from the romance writer field thanks to the recruitment efforts of J.B. (the Godmother) Salsbury. She has strong-armed some of her rough and tough friends to take part, so hold on tight things might be getting steamy.

Additionally, we had to say goodbye to a contender with Reenie Denver. She loves the idea behind WCFC, but is pursuing more with her blog and her poetry rather than short story fiction at this moment. I hope we’ll get to see her again down the road.

Combatant bios are updating frequently! Check under the About > Combatants section above to get the gist of who’s ready to rumble. I cannot wait to get the member roster filled to the brim! We have…

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