At the High Dive

Okay, so I finished my edits and tweaks last week. Since then, I’ve been staring blankly at the forms I need for the formatting agency to start their portion. Remember those pesky, god-forsaken bees from months past? Well, now imagine being at the top of a high dive. Bees are in front of me and the ladder leading back down is behind.

Yup, it sucks. Still, I will be heard. Bees or not. I’m moving toward them and submitted the forms. Now I just wait to curl my toes around the lip of the diving board and prepare to plunge. The only thing concerning me is if I’ll get the response I hope. I love WordPress! I’ve met so many talented and freaking awesome individuals here, but the stats don’t make it seem like there is much of an audience. Anyone out there? …Anyone?

I guess like anything in life, moderation is best. Followers keep going up, so I must be doing something right? Wish me luck! These bees are getting dangerously close to my face.


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