Getting Down to It

This is an update of sorts as well as a reflection and a promotion for upcoming things.


Proofreading is complete. Formatting should be set up and underway within the week. That means my first Manuscript will be available this month… Breath that in…hold it, THIS MONTH!!

With that in mind, Reflection:

When I was first deciding in my teenage years that I wanted to become a writer, I really didn’t think it would take this long. The majority, if not entirety, of that time was me self-doubting, shuffling my feet, and expecting a sign from the heavens that I was doing the right thing. After realizing it was me or nothing, now or never, I started along this path last fall.

My first book complete, I submitted to agents in hopes that it would immediately get snatched up. A couple dozen attempts later and the air left my balloon of hope deflated. Then, I just started writing. I wrote things on my mind and started a story just for something to clear my head.

BOOM! A Time to Reap stepped forward and told me this is supposed to be fun. Thus my road to becoming an Indie author occurred. From February until now it felt like a graduation I was prepared for. I went through the motions, perfected and tweaked my words and immersed myself in a pool with like writers. Now, the day to walk the stage approaches and I hope I have friends, family and fans getting ready to cheer as I make the journey. The 1,000 miles is rounding marker 999 and my stomach tingles with excitement…and a little trepidation.


If anyone read yesterday’s passage, you may  have seen the idea for a Writer’s Project this fall. Write Club Fight Club has a page up already and fighters have already started emailing me. If you are interested, please check out the site, email the address listed there and see if you want to train and get in the ring. It is seriously all about fun and I’m excited to see how it goes! Please come on over and join or follow along. Tell your friends. I’m planning on inviting Neil Gaiman and Joe Hill via Twitter. I somewhat doubt they have the free time or want to participate, but hell, no risk – no reward.


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