Medicine v. Cure

Writing is medicine, feedback is a cure.

For me, that sums it all up. Fame isn’t really a practical notion at this point, nor is it one that I desire above all others. Fortune, … right. I’m sure there are plenty of wealthy first-time Indie authors out there.

In a world of chaos, writing calms me. It let’s me share a piece of myself with the world that doesn’t know me. Even more, it allows me to try and bring joy, laughter, thought or skepticism to readers in order to help them, or let them forget about their day.

I think of writing as medicine, because it’s something I need to administer regularly in one form or another. It helps me be myself and feel a connection in this world where I question my true purpose. Feedback from people, whether fellow writers or avid readers is like a cure. The self-doubt and worry behind putting such a large portion of time, creativity and effort is veritably soothed when I hear back from others.

Good reviews or bad reviews, advice or inspiration, all the feedback I receive goes toward curing that buzzing suitcase of bees. Love and hate are easily seen as two different sides to a coin, but I think they both actually rest on the same. Love/hate and the emotions in-between reside on one flip. The other side is the one I don’t want, indifference. Not having enough to get a response or a care is a true nightmare for myself; and I think for any writer.

So, thanks to everyone who has contributed to my own version of a cure. Most of you have kept me going when I could have just as easily stopped. And I hope you’ll be around long after I cure myself of the notion I may not be right for this writer’s world.

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