Red, White & F You

Title was too catchy to pass up.

As the 4th approaches, it should remind us Americans all about our freedoms. More importantly, it should remind us of our heritage. This country has basic principles of freedom of choice and expression. Granted it’s masked by consumerism, but hey, that’s a freedom and we actively take part in it. Some people’s expressions may be misguided to us individually, but it’s their right to say it and our right to ignore it if we choose to.

Another thing about this weekend, appreciate the cultural background that your ancestors braved to step away from in their homelands for their descendants to be in a country that had far more opportunities than theirs. But embrace being an American. I always raise one eyebrow when people I know hyphenate their heritage land before the word American. Annnnd they were born here. In fact I know most whose grandparents were born here. Sooooo, just own up to the fact that you’re an American. Unless you have dual citizenship or something crazy like that.

America has been the bleeding grounds for tragedy. From Native Americans being pushed out of their homes to slavery to civil rights to women’s liberation to equal rights for sexuality. Tears and sweat coat Lady Liberty and all of the grounds we walk upon, but in those struggles, we find our greatest strength. Not many countries are able to say they’ve progressed as far as America has in it’s short 200 + years of existence.

So, for the readers that will be celebrating tomorrow, take a moment to remember the pioneers that have taken us to this moment. Then take pride in knowing you’re an American and try not to associate it with bacon, explosions, firearms and money. Even though those are glorious things! Think of being able to speak your opinion anywhere. Fighting for additional freedoms most countries are denied the act of speaking out against. Hell, just embrace the moment and watch the children running around with sparkler in one hand and a hot dog in the other.

Happy pre-Independence Day!! See you all next week!

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