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Puzzle is Almost Complete

It’s been a little while since I posted anything writer info related. I originally started this blog posting helpful hints and things to look for on my journey a few short months ago. It’s been very eye-opening and now that my puzzle is almost complete, I see the picture and cannot help but reflect.

Maybe published authors can share their thoughts here, but for me I just can’t believe a dream that has taken me nearly a decade to decide on and another year of off again on again effort has produced.

I know I’m not going to simply add my book to Amazon and instantly become famous. I know that being a complete Indie author will not have any perks. I know I still crave a literary agent and a publishing contract. But, you know what? Fuck that noise, I DID IT!

I have found friendships and inspirations along this journey and we are on mile 998 right now. Two miles to go! Editing is almost complete, the proofreader gets it next. Then I have a date with a formatting company to get digital and paper-bound alignment. A couple of tax preparations, then it’s release time.

Truly, I hope anyone who takes the time to read this knows how much I appreciate it even if you don’t click a button letting me know you were here. And anyone passing by or curious, I would love it if you gave my book a shot to see if you or someone you know might like it. Free samples are available under the Stories tab above.

Thank you all!!

6 thoughts on “Puzzle is Almost Complete”

  1. Yes! You can do anything you want by focusing on that thing you want! And focus on your higher power to strengthen you along the way! My higher power is Jesus. I personally believe there is no room at all for pessimism! Just stay positive no matter what! I have no idea who you are but I found your name in a crossword book and went online and your story sounds amazing! Stay strong and keep on keepin on! Be blessed! Jesus loves you! Sincerely, Michelle


  2. I am far far away from where you have reached. Congratulations!
    With English as second language and no English major at University, I thing I will remain on mile 001 till the rest of my life. Many people dream, but not all of them fulfill it. I am being realistically pessimistic or maybe pessimistically realistic, but that is what I think about my incomplete novel publishing.


    1. I originally started writing when I was 17. Over 10 years later, I’m finally on my way. Whatever you focus on will happen as long as you want it badly enough. And thank you!


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