My Writing Process Blog Tour

Good morning, Imaginators!

Today, I am posting my part in the great Writing Process Blog Tour! This is a great way to answer questions nobody asked me directly. It’s like I’m reading your mind right now, almost. Some of you need to turn down the nudity…seriously.

First and foremost, I have to thank my lovely friend, Lizzy Baldwin from MyLittleBookBlog. Lizzy and I have been appreciating each others blogs for a while now. She was kind enough to be my first reviewer when I was still in editing stages and continues following me. She has a great site, please go visit her.

On to the next portion, the Q & A:

What am I working on? Currently, I have a lot of pots on the stove and diligently attempting to stir them all. My first book that I plan on releasing in July (Indie-Style) is A Time to Reap. It follows the musing anecdotes of Carter Gabel who is afflicted with a genetic abnormality taking place in the future where people unpredictably travel back in time. Additionally, I am working on wrapping up the sequel to said series. AND I’m collaborating with the exquisite, Reenie Denver on a possible new story. We’re just starting to think of how to tackle our dynamic duo, so it’s in the beginner stages. Beyond that, I’m plotting out ideas for a YouTube channel and other marketing possibilities. So…working on a couple of things.

How does my work differ from others in its genre? Hmm, well it’s a conundrum just to ponder realistic time travel and such. Now I have to dive into what makes me special? That’s almost worse. My work (seriously) differs from others in the same caliber because I take you through not one shade of color but a spectrum. You won’t just be entertained with the plot, you will chuckle, then laugh, then feel the depth of drama, the romantic element between characters and the anger associated with decisions they’re faced with. And those colors can change from page to page in some areas. Be as prepared as you can for the twists.

Why do I write what I do? Why a YA-based story dealing with time travel and other nuances? Well, I originally started this story as a means to engage some readers while I attempted pitching my first complete work. Honestly, taking the pressure off from that more serious piece allowed my creativity to just explore. A Time to Reap reflects a lot of my personality through it in terms of being lighthearted.

As far as writing this type of story versus straight horror, mystery or romance, I think there is a different genre waiting to be born. All of these sub-genres don’t really speak to the gravity of emotions a certain type of story can take you on. I say this because when I think Sci-Fi, I don’t really think of my book. I think of space travel and phaser guns and shit. It’s not a fantasy filled with fairies or dragons. It’s not a horror with an unspeakable foe of nightmarish proportions. It’s life … with a twist. Fragile, wonderful, explosive and packed with the determination to entertain the reader in various ways.

How does my writing process work? Generally, I get ideas while driving. On occasion you might find me “talking on my speaker phone” when I’m actually playing out dialog aloud. I start with a little notion of what I want to accomplish and just start hammering the keys. At some point after the first page, I get lightning flashes of ideas on what a character would say or how character development might take place or simply a cool “look” that floats in my head. I swear I generally have to redo the first few paragraphs because of something I contradict later because I like it better.

Additionally, I could not get far without some music playing off my Bose ear buds. It’s usually melodic dubstep. Mainly, it has no lyrics I need to focus on and provides a beat keeping my mind constantly engaged. On certain circumstances, I actually paired my typing speed to the beat and the result was an action packed scene I dare not spoil.

Not to sound like a juggernaut, some times I have every intention of writing. I sit down and it’s like brain constipation. Pushing a thought out is borderline aneurism inducing. It’s rare, but in those instances I need to either read or get on the Netflix for something to kick-start me.

OK! That part is done. I could babble on and on, so it’s a good segue to the next and last portion of the Tour. The next round of talent!The following authors are set and ready to post their own section of the tour on July 7th. So, in order of their response to me:

{Ryan Attard} – I stumbled onto Ryan’s page through another blogger as I’m sure we’ve all done. I was listening to the podcast he has for this author and I enjoyed his random musings and entertaining rattles about whatever topic graced his mind at the time. Ryan is the author of the Birthright series, his second novel released a few weeks ago and you should check out the blog, read the books and let him know I sent you!

Ryan at Amazon and on GoodReads

{Reenie Denver} – I honestly saw a comment from Reenie on the Opinionated Man and followed the link down the rabbit hole until I made it to her site. And yes, I am collaborating with her currently an a project out of her element. Reenie has a very steamy page filled with the kind of things you should not read at work or small children. But…yes, there is a but, she also is able to craft her words into more than one area. Her short stories as well as her poetry display those characteristics remarkably. You should have clicked on something by now and know what I’m talking about.

{Honorable Mentions} I tried to get a few others, but they had either recently gone through the tour or were unavailable. Special thanks to Shannon A. Thompson and Sarah J. Carlson for taking part already and letting me know.

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