We’re going to Poochisloose!

I’m pretty worthless as a blogger this week. This week, I’m a copy/paster. But hell, this shit’s funny.

Dane Cook: (talking about a man telling him his dog is loose on an airplane) He leans in and goes, “Your pooch is loose. Your pooch is loose.” Okay, but he’s right here and so many things are throwing me off. I don’t know where I am. Who uses the word “pooch”? I didn’t know what that word was! I’m like “pooch, pooch.” I don’t know. But he was saying it so fast too that it sounded like one word so he like “yourpoochisloose.” I’m like “We’re going to Poochisloose! We are? Have we been rerouted to Poochisloose? I don’t even know where that is! This plane’s been taken over, they’re hijacking us, we’re going to Poochisloose!”