Stuff N’ Things

As an author update, this week is going to fly by, so expect to see more texts from the dog and things like that. So, starting from first things first and onward:

  1. My editor has gone through my manuscript and we are setting up a meeting via phone to go over the first round of what I can only assume to be an eye-opening experience.
  2. I’m trying a collaboration with another amazing writer, Reenie Denver, and we’re just starting to see what might click and if all goes well, perhaps we will share a few passages along the way.
  3. I’ve been graciously asked/offered by my blog-buddy, Lizzy Baldwin, to take part in a blog tour which describes my writing processes and offers the opportunity to reach out to new readers and offer up some for my own suggestions to write along.
  4. I’m trying to renovate a kitchen wall this weekend, and since I have no clue how that gets done, it should be interesting.
  5. Thankfully, coaching U12 softball will be on break this weekend as the girls travel to another state with the two other coaches and I remain put (at least I pray).

So, busy, busy, busy is the life. Short is the reward. And hopeful is the payoff.

I may be posting some quotes from a couple of books I have recently dabbled into on Twitter, putting pics up on the Instagrams of some of this last weekends team shots (before the tournament was rained out) and of course keeping a heartbeat on Facebook as always.

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