I Cannot Be-“Lieb” It

Liebster Badge

Come on, you smirked…at least inwardly. I could have chosen a title like Take It or “Lieb” It or Growing, “Liebs” and Bounds!

Pun Dog

No? Fine.

I have been graciously nominated for my second award, ever. It might be a chain mail award, but I still dig it. It’s marketing with a fun twist in my book. So, I would like to thank the lovely Lizzy Baldwin from MyLittleBookBlog for giving me this award/homework assignment. She is a joy in my blogging life and everyone should go look her up and see how she’s doing. Bring a casserole or the blogging version of a housewarming gift.

I had to honestly look up what the hell this award was about before I committed others to the same honorable Q & A. After a lot of research (okay 10 minutes of Googling) I came across articles galore. I’ll link to one here. For your piece of mind, it’s like an electronic, blogger high-five (and/or fist bump, slap on the rear, etc). Good game, bloggers.

So, I have to answer my blogger’s questions, list 11 facts, and then devise my own fiendish questions for the weary souls I shall pass this award along to below. I’ll try to group this in my own OCD fashion.

My Victims Nominees:

Kate – Full Frontal Nerdity (Her stuff cracks me up. Good game!)

Sparkle Bumps – SparkleBumpstheBookWhore (Who doesn’t feel good after reading the blog title alone? And yes, I don’t know her actual name. It’s like a secret identity or stage name or something)

Heather – The Awkward Life of Heather (I enjoy her candor and open nature of relating her life. If I saw her on the streets, you’d get a jumping high-five)

Carly Watters – Carly Watters, Literary Agent (She always posts helpful things and asks for feedback. I don’t see many agents getting this award, but then again, I don’t follow many agent blogs. Carly fulfills my needs… um… Fist bump?)

11 Facts:

  1. I hold a Bachelor’s degree (History) as well as a Master’s degree.
  2. I panic when insects fly near my face. ( I activate mad, ninja-dodging skills at that point)
  3. I can quote nearly the entire movie, “Clue.”
  4. I am super stubborn
  5. Green Lantern is my favorite superhero (Not the movie though, sorry to say, it sucked…a LOT)
  6. I would take a philosophical debate over any topic, any time.
  7. I am right hand orientated, but left eye dominant
  8. I almost named my daughter Mathilda
  9. M&M’s magically disappear if they are around me (No idea how that happens)
  10. I have astigmatism in both eyes
  11. As a child, I thought being a garbage man was my career path because it looked so awesome!

Blogger Questions:

1) Describe your blog in three words?

– Witty, Humorous & Helpful

2) If you could live the life of a character in any book who would it be?

– Christopher Robin, ponder that life.

3) If you suddenly found £500 pounds in your wallet, that had magically appeared but you had to spend it that day, what would you do with it?

– (This was homework, it equates to roughly $850) And if that was in my wallet, I would most likely pay off my tax registration fees and then use the rest on kitchen improvements in my house.

4) What cocktail describes you best?

   – I don’t drink enough beyond beer and/or shots to know drink names. But I would consider myself to be a drink you misinterpret at some point and has an initial bitterness to it with a sweet aftertaste that keeps you wanting more? Drink it in. That sounded sexual… skip that thought. 

5) Favourite childhood author?

– Childhood? Pretty sure Dr. Seuss rocked my bookshelves.

6) You are in the middle of a zombie attack, and you can only grab one item from your bathroom to protect yourself…what would it be?

– First, why only one? Second, my bathroom contains nothing worthy of a weapon unless I wrapped a bar of soap around a towel. Since that would be two items, I would have to go out on a limb and say the tank lid? It’s heavy and I can still swing it.

7) Coke or Pepsi?

– Pepsi

8) Music act you would most like to see live in concert?

– Lana del Rey. That chick is awesome!

9) Do you have any tattoos? If yes..what? and if no…are you planning on any?

– Plenty. On my right arm I have symbols depicting emotions like rage, hope, jealousy, fear, etc. Did I mention I’m a Green Lantern fan?

10) Harry Potter or Twilight?

– Harry Potter. The brooding twinkle vampires don’t do it for me.

11) What are your thoughts on jelly?

– Great in a sandwich as long as it stays inside the bread? Key ingredient to lots of BBQ recipes? Is there a right answer here?

My 11 Questions:

  1.  You are able to scratch one thing off your bucket list, no matter what it entails. What is it?
  2. You can listen to any band/artist (live) in their time period. Who would you want to see?
  3. If you could collaborate with any artist/author/professional on a project, who would you choose?
  4. Would you rather live in a zombie apocalypse (Walking Dead) or an electronic apocalypse (Revolution)?
  5. Why to number 4?
  6. Pop Tarts or Toaster Strudel?
  7. Favorite smell?
  8. You can have one super power. What would you choose?
  9. What is your worst habit?
  10. What do you find to be your best quality (physically or mentally)?
  11. What keeps you from having your dreams come true?


Enjoy the next half hour of replying, nominees!!


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