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Read and Respond

This is super quick since my focus is all over the place this week. What makes up your mind about purchasing a book? Cost, description, author loyalty, etc. Do you only buy in a specific genre, take friends advice, Amazon suggestions?

I’m trying to get a feel for your tastes.

15 thoughts on “Read and Respond”

  1. I tend to get comfortable with an author or his/her main character then max out on them. Stumbled into Craig Johnson and own them all. Same with John Sandford. Interesting that I lean toward regional authors. Believable dialogue is pretty much key. Book jackets only help on the first one, but an interesting teaser gets me started.


      1. Ha! Fair enough, but if you ever want to dabble and see if there are some decent areas, I have a few sample chapters on my site you can test out (anonymously) 😉


  2. This is going to sound pretty silly, especially considering how I pride myself on being a bookwhore, but I buy books that are shiny and brightly colored. But I want to read every book that anyone else has ever read and suggested. 🙂 I have a whole page on my blog dedicated to all my literature Loves.


      1. Of course there is: Sci Fi. Not my thing, generally. However, if someone recommends it, or if I find a snippet online that catches my attention, I might give it a shot.

        I’m pretty good at generating buzz about things that are good. So if I like something, I’m open to telling people about it.


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