Journey of 1000 Miles

Editing Frick n Frack

Writing is taking an overgrown lawn and mowing it. Editing is actually picking up all the grass, disposing of it and making the place look presentable.

As an author update, today marks the start of my professional edits. Red Adept Publishing has been hired by me in order to produce a well-rounded story and to make certain I’m not putting out less than what I would find readable. So, in two weeks, there will be the process of back and forth reviewing and aligning the story. Hopefully by the end of June/first part of July, the awesomeness will be complete.

After that point, it’s on to formatting, a couple of tax hoops and on to the public. I am really pushing for a late July release, but since it’s my first book, I could be overestimating. Let’s see… Oh and I’ve included a status on other projects below. In case you’re curious.

A Time to Reap (Editing)

A Time to Live (Writing)

A Time to Die (In Concept/Layout)

Bash Poker (Short Story in Concept)

Out of the Dusk (Complete, Awaiting Professional Edits)

Into the Dawn (In Hiatus, Partially Completed)