Death of Nostalgia

I remember when I had no worries. The cares of a child from my day revolved around when dinner was while trying not to get cavities in the meantime. The world outside of the TV was a safe place. Ignorance was bliss and I was a blissful, pudgy kid. My friends only amounted to a handful at best and we spent our time playing guns (when that wasn’t judged, misjudged or looked at with trepidation), trading basketball/baseball cards and looking for mischief. Today, I wonder if that kind of innocence exists?

The internet has connected all of us but has it also made our children grow up faster? They are given information (truthful or not) within seconds. Elders have been pushed aside for a Google search and respect amounts to what social media is trending.

Sincerity is rare and nostalgia is a word seldom used or ever known how to spell without auto-correct. Don’t misunderstand me, I love technology and geek out to every new and upcoming thing, but there are days or thoughts of days when I want it all to go back. I want the internet to sleep for a week, for cable TV to hibernate one summer and social interaction to rely on calling (not texting) a friend to get together and do something.

It can all start up again, but I want to wash the dirt out of the gutters of the world before they clog the drains and flood us all. Maybe that will only exist in a novel and if that’s the case, I will gladly write it.

Am I crazy for wanting such things?

15 thoughts on “Death of Nostalgia”

      1. Last year we all donated to the Philippines disaster instead of giving gifts. It gets old with all the commercialism. It takes the meaning completely out of Xmas imho.


  1. Just the other day we were talking of the same things. Kids of this age seems to mature too early.
    I would love to have Internet sleep for a week. I would get free holidays too, apart from being able to play with my nieces and nephew 🙂


    1. I don’t mind kids being alert to the world. I just want them to enjoy being a kid, knowing that it’s safe for them when they choose to grow up. I wish I never did. I was tricked.

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  2. No, you are not. And if you are crazy then I am too because I think you are not crazy. All I do, when, I feel so, is to switch to some old TV channel in the hope of getting at least a glimpse of something that remind me purity of those days. I am not that much old (yes, I am a women, but I am really telling the truth here). I think all the innocence killers are around here for about 2 decades only.


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