Socially Awkward

In the vast abyss of social media, I feel like I am falling into a pit where the bottom is unseen and the sides, untouchable. I mention this because, a lot of the followers I have for my blog, do not like me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter, share with my pictures on Instagram or anything else in between.

As I look at the system as a whole, I have basically been just rehashing or sharing one thought between 3-4 platforms. In my opinion, that’s fairly lazy on my part. I mean, as a fellow subscriber if I follow you on more than one place it’s because I either like you an extreme amount or you give me different perspectives on you.

In that latter sentiment, I plan on changing things up a bit. I’ll still mass post things on a general basis to all I can from my blog. But I want to incorporate more of who I am spread out within this universe of Social Media.

WordPress will have my author updates, release progress, my step by step in my journey. It’ll be a little more of everything in here. This is my Imaginarium and as such should have a little of everything.

Facebook, you’ll get my extra quirkiness. I’ll use it more of a marketing site for my 1000 step journey and start leaving out Life Stuff.

Twitter, since you like to keep it short and sweet there, I’ll post mainly inspiring quotes, thoughts, actions and Life Stuff. It’ll get more expansive as my book release draws near.

Instagram…well, you have little to no say.


Tumblr, you may have to sit in the back seat for some time. You’ll be my most up to date version of my personal thoughts, rants, music/movie tastes and the like when the time comes. But, it’s the least ranked followers so far and in the spirit of sharing the wealth, I’d like to see where the other consortium takes this.

Pinterest, I haven’t forgotten about you. I will create an account closer to the launch of my first book in July. I’ll make sure to fill it with the things I have seen in my mind when coming up with characters, scenery or other ideas along the way.


This social media clarification may have a couple of stumbling blocks, but if you don’t follow me on one of the other platforms, feel free to join along in order to see all my different sides.

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