This is Stupid

The title is my DISCLAIMER. You’ve been warned.

So, in some rambling derailment of thought I began thinking of the future. I saw the question posed on another blogger’s site dealing with time travel and that of course gets my thinkerbox racing. I (for reasons unbeknownst to me) started thinking of email versus traditional mail. Will the envelope and stamp get replaced like the check almost has? If that’s the case, what will the postmen do?

Even better, what if the end of traditional mail was foreseen and before we could have a preference of emails (Google, Yahoo, Outlook, AOL), the government regulated them through digital postage stamps? Like you could pay a subscription and send emails throughout the year. Then postmen who are out of the job could actually be moved over to the police force or fire department?

I warned you, this may be redonkulously stupid. But, I already did my Spotlight yesterday and thought about chucking out a what if…

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