Would You Rather…

Sitting around the dinner table, we sometimes play the game “would you rather.” It’s a choice game of two unlikely scenarios and you have to pick which path you would go down if given the option. Mine yesterday was, would you rather relive one day in your life or be given an extra day as you lie on death’s door?

Keep in mind, you can use your relive day to redo a great moment or redo a terrible one with the knowledge you have today. And if you are given an extra day, you would live it in perfect health.


2 thoughts on “Would You Rather…”

  1. I would rather relive one day of my past. I wouldn’t want to prolong my death for a day. I’m hoping i’d be about 100 by this point, and just want to be ‘put out of my misery’. Haha. What about you?


    1. I thought about redoing a day, but I ultimately would want a final day to spend in complete health with my family. Sappy, but, I’ve grown attached to them over the years and they aren’t moving out any time soon.


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