Feed Your Magic

Magic surrounds children. They live it, drink it and breathe it in constantly. Their spirit reflects the magic they surround themselves in, some rambunctious while others dream and create. As children grow up, the magic surrounding them gets harder to retain. We feed them “truths” of the real world and how it’s not always a trustworthy and splendid place. We have them grow up and wipe away their tears so as adults we don’t have to continually foster the magic that keeps them safe and happy and blissful.

One day, their magic is replaced. In its stead, there are video games, fashion-savvy outfits, popularity and a realization that they are no longer kids. They no longer have time for childish things like make believe and pretend. How can we get it back for them? Can we save their magic?

As authors, we’re one of the last lines of defense for keeping magic in this world. We  transport our readers silently and conveniently to other worlds. We introduce them to characters they would never normally encounter. We feed the magic still clinging to life around them.

Today, my little girl will exercise her own version of magic. She will dance on stage and transport the audience to a place outside of themselves. Today she will feed magic to the child still within me. In return, I will always make certain the magic within her never starves.

Do the same for the child in your life.

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