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Do Vampires Poop?

A question my wife and I started discussing in short length last night while watching an unnamed program. Still, it brought up a valid (albeit ridiculous) point in the realm of supernatural characters. Mainly, because there are so many different classifications of vampires out there, how do you decide whether such a debate has merit. Are they the Anne Rice vampires, traditional Dracula, Twilight, True Blood or other said genres that have filled in almost every variable?

Let this act as a talking point between us or feel free to carry it out with your friends. I would love to hear some of your theories here.

Also, I think if I ever create a children’s book, this shall be the title.


3 thoughts on “Do Vampires Poop?”

  1. This is addressed in The Strain trilogy. Those vampires pretty much expel their waste all over the place. It’s not exactly poop, but it is the waste they get rid of from feeding on their victims.


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