A Time to Reap, Journey of 1000 Miles

Leaps and Bounds (pun intended)

My journey of 1,000 miles is arranging travel to go from walking to driving soon. I am in the process of getting my manuscript prepared to go to an editing firm in order to make it polished for self-publishing. So, with luck, by late summer I will be propelled a good 800 miles into my initial journey.

I still plan to look for a literary agent after publishing, but I have to get started on what I consider my passion. With or without help. It’s kind of how I am, I get an idea and I maul it down like a Yorkie with a squeaky toy.

So, the path to publishing my novel dealing with Carter Gabel is underway.

2 thoughts on “Leaps and Bounds (pun intended)”

  1. Well done, Avocado. Just an FYI…since I’ve looked at no less than 100 agency websites over the last two months…there are a surprising number of agencies that won’t consider work that has been self-published. This is not advice against self-publishing – just in case you weren’t aware – it will narrow your field somewhat when you go for an agent. Good luck with everything! 🙂


    1. Sadly, I realize that too. But, this is what I consider my snack sized series. The ones I really want out there will take some help. This is to at least pad my resume. If nothing else, it’s an itch that must be scratched. Thanks, Erin!


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