Mile 3 / 1,000

Tell me if this is familiar… The more you want something, the more difficult it is. I’ve seen this through friendships, relationships, goals and efforts. I believe there is a fine, invisible line out there where balance lies.

The more you want someone’s attention, the less they give it. The more you want to get to the top, the more you see others getting there first. The harder you try to win, the more likely you are to lose. What’s this tell us? Not try? Sorry, but not trying doesn’t get you anything except more work or even more heartache.

Just live. Let that be your mantra. Enjoy life while striving toward the thing(s) you want. If you don’t get it, guess what? It’s not the only thing out there. It has never been a choice of A or B, there is a whole alphabet behind those suckers and if those dry up, we’ll dive into numbers.

Just live. Live the life you have around you. As bad as it may seem at a given time, here is the proverbial light being switched on for you. Because the only person who can change that is the same person reading this. Yup, … you.

Just live. Be the best version of you. Not the one you think will make you happy, the one that actually does make you happy. Your happiness will filter out and down to your family, friends and anyone around you. Seeing your happiness could inspire others. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Take yours today.

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