Think about what it takes to be a writer. We are the unsung heroes of entertainment. Movies are what people strive their works to become, but should they? Each reader takes a new interpretation, a unique twist or an interesting angle on how they read your words. Their minds are allowed to dive in and out of the creative ocean you created. Writers give a premise, a template and a dialog. Readers are in charge of cinematography, casting and even freelance as an editor while they make little side notes of how they would do it or improve it or want to see it.

How many people have read you work? Think of how many different versions of your story might be floating around in someone’s thinker. Do you give them more areas open to interpretation or do you explain every scene, each detail and feature?

Writers, we are the dreamers of dreams and the magicians brave enough to cast their spells upon the paper for everyone to enjoy and judge. Be proud. We each have a place we take our minds when we read or write, a place all our own. I’ve given mine a name, what’s yours?

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