What Destroys Us, Creates Us

I was thinking the other day (novel idea, right?) and wondering if I could pull off time travel, would I go back and change anything? I’m sure if you are a creative thinker, you have had the same notion. Immediately, I think to the hardships I endured, the people who treated me badly and the opportunities I missed.

It was upon this idea I realized I wouldn’t want to change anything. One wrong path and I may not have had a daughter, or a desire to become a writer or I may not have met the wonderful people spanning so many different areas of my life.

Do I wish the road would have been easier? Of course. There are moments I wished I could “un-see” and places I wish I never found myself in. But then I would not be me. I would be some baby-proofed version of who I am. Sadly, us humans are created through destruction and never grow into our potential without failure, loss or some version of pain. That is not to say it isn’t worth it.  Every metallic drop of blood and salty bead of sweat helps create the person we are capable of becoming. It shows our limits, our frailties and our perseverance.

Each tear washes away a darkness of ours needing to find the light. We should all be so thankful to have the pain that makes us succeed.

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