This is Not the Job for You…

How many times have you considered giving up? Thinking this hobby will only be just a hobby? I personally wonder each day whether or not this is indeed a sound idea or a simple folly I have been entertaining the past few years. But then, each day I am reminded of what it would be like to throw this away.

If you had to step outside of your life, out of this world and truly pinpoint the things you are good at, what would you pick? For some, it might be a sport, others it might be parenthood or business skills. For me, I’m a writer. Whether I am a good writer or not is up to the people who take the time to read it. To quit at it would be like saying my purpose in life is a lie.

Now, if I want to become a good writer, there will be struggle. There will be hard times and who knows, it may never happen to the degree I want. Is that a reason to give in? For this or anything in life? Oh, it’s hard, better quit now. No. Taking the good and the bad is what life is always going to consist of and if some weeks are worse than others, think of the weeks to follow and how good they will feel to know you persevered. And if people will not accept that inside of you, then move past them and when you reach the top, make sure you can shout down to them loudly enough that it is and always has been.

This is not the job for you. You’re right. This is the life for me.

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