Journey of 1000 Miles

Looking for Outlets

In an attempt to think outside the box, I am giving serious contemplation to creating a YouTube Channel. I truly have no idea how well this might translate or if it will ever be a good thing. It would basically be the version of this in video format. I was thinking about relaying some thoughts, insights, maybe reading a chapter or snippets here and there. Possibly if I can get enough feedback, I can read and answer questions? What do you think?

Yes, this means those of you who actually read this.

3 thoughts on “Looking for Outlets”

  1. It couldn’t hurt. Any creative outlet is good and YouTube could get you more attention. If you are planning on doing a Web cast similar to this format (updates and talking about various subjects) remember that your sound equipment is way more important than your video. People will forgive low quality video much faster than crappy sound.


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