The Things You Want vs. The Things You Need

It’s the classic debate going on in most people’s mind on a daily if not weekly basis. For most of us, this comes as a monetary decision. Do I buy the <insert needless thing here> or do I buy groceries… For me, I go through the same things as a writer. I have plenty of tweaks and additions in a story. My mind plays out the scene and I am swept up in the moment. Then the inevitable happens, editing. I have to take out various “cool” things because they aren’t necessary. They were just things going on in my mind and I’d have to find a place for them later. I have literally thousands of Snippits hanging out in a file somewhere.

The trick to editing/budgeting/moderating anything in life is trying to look at the want and need side by side. For editing, I think of readers and if they will benefit from the scene or if it will just confuse them later. For budgeting, I always think of ways to trim down on the things I need so I can save for the things I want. Maybe I go generic for a month or bypass the dessert/fast food for awhile.

Try looking at any of your wants from the perspective of your audiences (readers, family, dependents, etc.). Once you are able to have some give and take in those departments, you’d be surprised how the things you want don’t seem as necessary. That or you find that obtaining them is far more rewarding once all of the needs in your life are met.

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