Testing the Waters

Just curious, what do you do to stay creative? I want to hear from you.

2 thoughts on “Testing the Waters”

  1. Just set aside some time, sit down, and do whatever comes to mind. Write it down. If it needs editing, edit it later. Just let the thoughts and emotions flow. Great ideas come from just letting all your thoughts out. It may not be the perfect idea at first, but all the ideas and potential that could stem from the initial thought are endless and golden. Just let your imagination rage. Don’t doubt yourself or limit yourself. Let yourself run free.


  2. Speak with friends that have the same common creative interest’s that I do. Also search blog’s and websites for idea’s when I am just blocked. Sometimes it good to get an outside perspective from someone who likes what you do but doesn’t do it. Once you start talking about it you will get enthused and the ideas start flowing again.


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