Revolutions Not Resolutions

In a magical land of make-believe, there are ice cream sundaes that make you loose weight. Sitting around and doing absolutely nothing, indeed solves the problem. The less effort you put into something, the more it gets accomplished. And you CAN win the lottery, even if you don’t play.

And, back in reality, we will disregard everything make-believe stands to promise. It’s a hard road to go down if you want to be fit, successful, happy or wealthy. Name one person who made themselves an icon or role model who hasn’t struggled, trained or clawed their way to get there.

Being told “no” a hundred times will make you savor the “yes” when it does happen. This year will be a struggle, but I plan to make it the goddamn best struggle I can. I hope whatever plans you are setting in place, you make sure to stand when you could just sit, walk when you could stand and run when you could walk. If nothing else, this is for yourself. Any extra applause will only make your smile bigger.

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